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October 20, 2017
by Read K

2017 MKMMA Week 4

Week Four has come and gone ….I unfortunately had a conflict and was unable to attend the class last Sunday afternoon . The recorded video for this class is not working on the MKMMA training website so I am going to wait to finish this post when I have had a chance to catch up . Hopefully this class was properly recorded and the recording can be restored to the training site.  The molecules of emotion and the brain and chemicals produced by thoughts and emotions  and feelings are fascinating new science and all important in this week’s lesson and supplemental info. Creating a new world inside and creating a new world outside are related  after all…

October 13, 2017
by Read K


My 34th anniversary living one day at a time is today, Friday the 13th of October, 2017.

The picture above is of my family. It is missing my 5th child Aurora, below,  who turns 12 this June. 

I am blessed to have the opportunity to raise four Daughters, and an an amazing Son . I also  have a grandson and a granddaughter , and a another Granddaughter arriving at Christmastime in late December.

I was feeding my parrots this morning when suddenly I heard an explosion outside …I asked my wife if she heard anything and she said no…about ten minutes later there were sirens and firetrucks and ambulances rushing down our street. I went outside to discover that a pick up truck had crushed a Honda Accord in a head-on just down the street. Right now I am upset that I hadn’t immediately investigated the sound I heard as there may have been some way that I could have been of help to those involved in the crash. A timely reminder that things can change in an instant and be grateful for everything you have in your life .

This is my oldest daughter Arabella and her Husband Joel, the parents of my oldest granddaughter Izzy turns 10 years old this weekend. Izzy and Joel had their fist Daughter and Dad POLO Game with Aurora at Marlan Farms this week ..


This is a picture of my Grandchildren Sam and Izzy…

My second Daughter Avery and her Husband Austin are buying a house this week !! So exciting to see them so happy and creating a new life in a new home…room for more grandchildren..Their son Sam is above with Izzy.

My son Gus and his wife Sara are expecting a little girl in December…here they are at their wedding this past spring !

My youngest daughter from my first marriage is Georgia who will be 21 next year !!


Well I am a lucky man and couldn’t be more grateful for my blessings…


My wife Shannon and Rory….

So now you know a little more about me… all my MKMMA friends and family I wish you an awesome weekend and see you all on the webinar Sunday !!!! I always keep my promises !!! Read

October 6, 2017
by Read K

MKMMA 2017- Week 2

Week 2 of the 2017 Master Keys class has come and gone…

This week started with news of the horrific slaughter of 59 and the wounding of over 500 innocent souls attending a country music festival on the strip in Las Vegas.

This was the worst mass casualty shooting in the history of the USA and the news and media is playing the horrifying scenes of the live films taken by escaping attendees.

To be honest, this is the first time that I have chosen not to watch this coverage…I just can’t watch and listen to the rapid gunfire and see the carnage any more .

The Shooter was an accountant, multi millionaire gambler, who was obsessed with guns. We don’t know much more about his motives at this time, but he meticulously planned this event and had a personal arsenal at his home, in his hotel room, and in his vehicle. The pictures of the victims and the stories of heroism in the face of such mortal danger are the stories of the next few days. A park with trees being planted and crosses for each victim is already in the process of being created less than four days after this all started…

So my progress has been deliberate with the assignments this week. I am reading Scroll 1 in The Greatest Salesman, reading my newly revised DMP with enthusiasm, reading the blueprint builder and the lessons for week 1 and 2. I have been sitting for 15 minutes daily, and I am noticing my old blueprint telling me to quit or delay doing these assigned tasks. I am really aware  of it and addressing my subconscious and telling myself that now is the time to change ….it isn’t easy. I am hearing more and learning more with every task and read, and sit.

My Real Estate business has suddenly taken a turn for the better…how about that ? My world without is changing for some reason for the better already …WooHoo !!


October 2, 2017
by Read K

MKMMA 2017 Week 1

Week 1 of the MKMMA experience has just ended and I am once again embarking on the journey of self improvement by following the lead of Mark J and the MKMMA crew. As I sit here this morning,  I am absolutely stunned by the news of the most horrific mass shooting in American history which took place in the early hours of this morning and at this time over 400 are hurt and 50 are deceased souls. These numbers will no doubt increase as the morning continues. That one man could plan and execute such an act is horrendous. What is wrong with some people , our society, our country ???

This news follows the past two months of  deadly earthquakes, floods, forest fires, tornadoes, and Category 5 hurricanes that have destroyed parts of Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the North West USA,  and many other locations in the path of these storms. So many people are hurt so very badly and have to completely restart their lives with literally nothing. The media has done a good job of warning of the coming storms, and of covering the aftermath and the ensuing devastation, but the relief efforts will take years and it seems that the next crisis du jour takes the focus off of the last crisis which is still ongoing. On top of all of this misery, The President of the USA has set an incredibly bad example with his use of Twitter and has literally shown  no empathy for anyone .  He continues to taunt the North Koreans to start a nuclear war and has no interest in starting a real talking dialogue to create a lasting peace. This is the state of the world …. my world without… can I change all of this from my world within ????  I will have to sit , and read, and follow directions, and repeat until I have some answers…