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MKMMA 2017 Week 1


Week 1 of the MKMMA experience has just ended and I am once again embarking on the journey of self improvement by following the lead of Mark J and the MKMMA crew. As I sit here this morning,  I am absolutely stunned by the news of the most horrific mass shooting in American history which took place in the early hours of this morning and at this time over 400 are hurt and 50 are deceased souls. These numbers will no doubt increase as the morning continues. That one man could plan and execute such an act is horrendous. What is wrong with some people , our society, our country ???

This news follows the past two months of  deadly earthquakes, floods, forest fires, tornadoes, and Category 5 hurricanes that have destroyed parts of Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the North West USA,  and many other locations in the path of these storms. So many people are hurt so very badly and have to completely restart their lives with literally nothing. The media has done a good job of warning of the coming storms, and of covering the aftermath and the ensuing devastation, but the relief efforts will take years and it seems that the next crisis du jour takes the focus off of the last crisis which is still ongoing. On top of all of this misery, The President of the USA has set an incredibly bad example with his use of Twitter and has literally shown  no empathy for anyone .  He continues to taunt the North Koreans to start a nuclear war and has no interest in starting a real talking dialogue to create a lasting peace. This is the state of the world …. my world without… can I change all of this from my world within ????  I will have to sit , and read, and follow directions, and repeat until I have some answers…

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