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My 34th anniversary living one day at a time is today, Friday the 13th of October, 2017.

The picture above is of my family. It is missing my 5th child Aurora, below,  who turns 12 this June. 

I am blessed to have the opportunity to raise four Daughters, and an an amazing Son . I also  have a grandson and a granddaughter , and a another Granddaughter arriving at Christmastime in late December.

I was feeding my parrots this morning when suddenly I heard an explosion outside …I asked my wife if she heard anything and she said no…about ten minutes later there were sirens and firetrucks and ambulances rushing down our street. I went outside to discover that a pick up truck had crushed a Honda Accord in a head-on just down the street. Right now I am upset that I hadn’t immediately investigated the sound I heard as there may have been some way that I could have been of help to those involved in the crash. A timely reminder that things can change in an instant and be grateful for everything you have in your life .

This is my oldest daughter Arabella and her Husband Joel, the parents of my oldest granddaughter Izzy turns 10 years old this weekend. Izzy and Joel had their fist Daughter and Dad POLO Game with Aurora at Marlan Farms this week ..


This is a picture of my Grandchildren Sam and Izzy…

My second Daughter Avery and her Husband Austin are buying a house this week !! So exciting to see them so happy and creating a new life in a new home…room for more grandchildren..Their son Sam is above with Izzy.

My son Gus and his wife Sara are expecting a little girl in December…here they are at their wedding this past spring !

My youngest daughter from my first marriage is Georgia who will be 21 next year !!


Well I am a lucky man and couldn’t be more grateful for my blessings…


My wife Shannon and Rory….

So now you know a little more about me… all my MKMMA friends and family I wish you an awesome weekend and see you all on the webinar Sunday !!!! I always keep my promises !!! Read

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