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I was so glad to move into my new house in northern Baltimore county . The views of the rolling countryside are exquisite and I take them in daily enjoying the change of seasons that are so beautiful. I got a little more privacy , a few more acres to take care of, live closer to my children and grandchildren. My beautiful wife Shannon and Rory , my youngest of five children are happy too. I finally enjoyed the success that I had been working towards in the past four years of Residential Real Estate sales. Switching Real Estate Companies was a great investment in taking risks, as the personal development offered made me a better person and enabled me to  build a team of agents and grew my business. I also earned an additional $5,000.00 a month by July 1st, 2016 from my sharing Pruvit, Asea, FGXPRESS , and Essante Organics with others who benefit from the products . I was proud to see the money in my bank account growing weekly  by sharing my knowledge with others. I felt wonderful and enjoyed sharing health related businesses in order to create vitality in others and income.My personal life  coaching has helped others.  My education  in  social media and technology paid huge dividends as I improved my skills in marketing , sales, and self confidence. The internet  totally changed my business life and provided me with abundant leads and new friends.


My health benefitted from the change to a  high fat, low carb, moderate protein diet and I eliminated sugar daily. I was nutritarian and ate a ketogenic diet , and supplemented with exogenous ketones, toxic free organic products , vegetables, salads, and fresh juice. I ate grass fed beef and wild sourced fish , and free range chickens for any animal protein in my diet.

I loved myself and took great care to exercise daily. I loved playing squash and did so five days a week at lunchtime with abundant enthusiasm and humility. I won everyday !!! I enjoyed sharing my vast knowledge and experience as a Squash Coach for an undefeated high school team during the season.It was our third undefeated season in a row.

I defeated cancer using wellness, nutrition, alternative health, and made informed healthy choices for my mind and body daily. I continue to enjoy every day, protecting my new pacemaker and mechanical heart valve with good healthy habits . I am grateful everyday for the miracle of my health.

I learn new things and meet new people every day through the internet. I am confident that I have knowledge and experiences to share with the world daily.

I live in freedom and autonomy. I share my interests and beliefs on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Periscope, Blab , and my MKMMA Blog.


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